Birth Classes

Your birth journey is unique to only you. Birth with confidence and the knowledge that supports you & your pelvic floor the Full Circle way ™

Birth Full Circle

Preparation for Delivery ~ Private or small-group class

You did it before mamma! Now you want more for your next birth journey. Learn everything you need to know about labor & delivery, Full Circle Style. You’ll experience various strategies to prepare both your mind, your body and your pelvic floor for optimal mobility and function for your next birthing journey. This class provides a strong emphasis on the pelvic floor, movement strategies and your birth partner’s role in supporting YOU mama as you labor and deliver your bundle of love.

Included in your Full Circle Birth Class:

  • Map your Baby Bump
  • Stages of Labor
  • Timing of Contractions
  • Breathwork & coping/comfort techniques for pain management
  • Pelvic floor prep for deeper connection to birth passage
  • Spinning Babies support techniques
  • Birth partner positions for labor
  • Position options to open the birth passage
  • Discussion of special circumstances
  • Breast-Feeding Basics
  • Postpartum Pelvic Health
  • Self-Care & Community support resources for Mom & family

Empowering you and your birth partner full circle during this miraculous journey to provide safe passage for your baby and the after care you need and deserve. ~ Melissa

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