Midlife & Marvelous

Supporting Women Midlife to Menopause

Midlife is not a time to ignore the changes we are feeling.

I get it…WE ARE BUSY! Who has time to deal with hot flashes, vaginal dryness and low libido? However, the years that it takes for our bodies to transition from perimenopause to menopause are THE MOST CRITICAL years for our health as women. For some women, the changes associated with menopause can be amazing and liberating to disastrous and downright draining. But for many, it is a lost opportunity to reclaim our mind and body and center on our marvelous selves.

That’s exactly why I developed 2 truly unique programs to help you navigate the changes going on inside and outside your body from midlife to menopause. Mind over BladderTM and My fitMenopauseTM.

Mind over BladderTM offers specialized programs for all your bladder control needs and includes:

  • Free 6-week guided program for stress incontinence.
  • A personalized 4 or 6-week program that is uniquely developed to manage your overactive bladder issues without medications and their side effects. This program includes a 15 min free consultation.

My fitMenopauseTM

Finally, it’s all about you Babe!

Taking the time to return back to YOU and looking for a little guidance along the way? I can help you in this 60 to 90 min one-to-one consultation session providing the assessment and exercise prescription that will benefit you the most on the way to optimizing your health and mindset. Whether its for your pelvic floor, core or for whole-body support during the change, gain the knowledge you need with the guidance you deserve during your midlife to menopause years.

Available NOW online only at this time due to Pandemic. Packages available upon request.

My consult and real talk with Melissa made me feel like I was getting the best guidance available out there. It was the most valuable time well-spent on me.

R. Miller