I’m Melissa Nassaney, Physical Therapist & Women’s Health Educator

Hello from Little Rhode Island!

As a women’s health advocate for over 30 years and a board certified women’s health clinical specialist, I’ve have been helping women of all ages from menses to menopause and beyond manage their pelvic health, recover from childbirth or surgery and regain bladder/bowel control while they get back to their optimal level of fitness/function. My obsession with women’s health began when I taught my first exercise class for women at 18 years old. Years later, during my 1st pregnancy, I experienced my own pelvic health issues. Back then, it felt like I was navigating a stormy ocean with a sailboat, completely alone with no one really knowing how to help. It took over 2 years to recover fully. With my second baby, childbirth was not so good to my pelvic floor. I realized that I was in the same boat with an even more difficult recovery ahead. Gratefully, I learned about women’s physical therapy and became whole again. Immediately, I vowed to advocate for pelvic health.

Full Circle Pelvic Health is part of my mission to improve women’s health, maternal care, and to prepare women for their best journey to menopause.

Too often I hear women say “why don’t we learn about this sooner in life” or “I wish someone would have told me that this could happen“. It is time we center meaningful education and collaborative prevention around women and their unique health needs. For you who is reading this, the time is now to embrace your body and its transformations from pregnancy to perimenopause and beyond. You do not need to go at it alone.

Let’s set the path for a healthier next 30+ years.

Classes or consultations are designed to fully support your learning as you prepare for whatever stage of womanhood you are journeying in at this time. I will provide you with the most important things that “you need to know” so that you can help yourself with confidence and educate others when that moment arrives. ​


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