Mind over Bladder TM

Build Your Bladder Control in 6 weeks for a lifetime of no leaks!

A liberating and carefully designed bladder control program using the most up-to date evidence and real talk to help women regain control over their bladder matters.

If you feel your bladder is too often telling you to head to the loo day or night, interrupting your travel plans or surprising you with little (or lots) leaks at the most embarrassing times, then you need to “Tame that Bladder Like a Boss”.

This is for you if you have:

  • urinary urgency
  • urinary frequency (more than 1 x every hour)
  • been told you have overactive bladder
  • wake to pee more than 1 x at night
  • urinary leakage in any amount (even a drip or 2!)
  • spent $$ on underwear or pads for leakage

Leaking with laughing, coughing or sneezing?

In 2021, I partnered with the National Association For Continence NAFC.org (a not-for profit organization) to bring people everywhere a free guided- 6 week program to stop those pesky leaks. Stress incontinence is a type of unintentional leakage that occurs with laughing, coughing, sneezing and other activities such as lifting, exercise and running. If you are annoyed by these leaks big or small, you can do something about it right now! Begin improving your pelvic health by signing up for our program or by visiting their Pelvic Floor Health Center. Remember, programs like this are not meant to substitute for medical care or evaluation. Always seek medical care with a qualified health practitioner for symptoms that do not improve or worsen with any online program.