Birthing & Beyond

Melissa holds advanced training and certification in all phases of pelvic health, prenatal and post partum physical therapy, fitness, and yoga.

Recovering from childbirth is an individual process that can be confusing when it comes to returning to optimal healing and health. Our coaching support services are here to help you sort it out wherever you are in the journey.

The 4th Trimester & Beyond Coaching Session

This 1-2-hour virtual consultation and coaching session covers all the basics and beyond for restoring your pelvic health, core strength and return to exercise including:
  • Listening to your birth story
  • General posture and baby feeding postural assessment
  • Screen for Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA)
  • Abdominal scar motility screen
  • Pelvic Floor mobility screen
  • Screening for pelvic floor healing issues
  • A breast health & mental health check-in

During this session you will learn what is rarely talked about post-partum like how to find, feel and focus on your pelvic floor muscles properly after birth, and what is part of a “better” recovery after having a baby and when to get help when things are not healing as planned and how to safely restore your Diastasis Recti to return to exercise/sport or heal your cesarean scar from the inside out and more.

Additional personalized sessions are available also by appointment (these coaching sessions are not covered by insurance).

Other Specialized Support Services:

Baby Ready Mama

Planning on having another baby and looking to have a stronger core and pelvic floor BEFORE pregnancy?

Book a Baby Ready Body Consultation (90-min) to get to know the current status of your pelvic floor & core strength! Receive instant tips and training advice to optimize your overall current fitness level and resolve lingering pelvic floor issues from your previous labor & delivery experience. Support services do not take the place of medical care and is not covered by insurances. If you feel you require more than a consult/coaching experience, please schedule a free 15 minute Maven Meet & Greet.

Lactation Support & Consultation

Offering screening and referral to a Lactation Specialist in your area.

We connect you with the top lactation specialist for individualized care and support during your breastfeeding journey.

Alison Miranda, IBCLC Lactation Support Servicing RI and Ma for In home Visits (401) 252-9332

Alison Miranda Lactation Support | Breastfeeding Help | Swansea MA (

Testimonials from Our Friends…

This Birth Like a Badass Class was perfect for my “second-time around”. I feel I have what I need at top of mind without all the other smaller details that can overwhelm my pregnancy brain. Thanks Melissa

-S.V births better